Linux Mint 11 Random Logout.

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have a Sony Vaio laptop with Nvidia graphics running Linux Mint 11 and for the most part it runs really well. However, there has been one annoying problem with it. Every now and then it would log me out for no apparent reason, usually within the first ten to 15 minutes of boot up. Anyway I’ve done some digging to try to solve this issue and it appears to be a bug in Ubuntu. Further investigation revealed a possible work around the details of with can be found here

The general gist of things is that there a race condition that causes a crash.

It can be solved thus;

Add “sleep 3” to the end of /etc/init/gdm.conf

sleep 3
exec gdm-binary $CONFIG_FILE
end script

I’ve implemented the work around and everything seems to be working fine.

  1. Pedro N. Neves says:

    running linux mint 12 with MGSE and same issue was happening to me. Tried your fix and it worked…however…now I installed cinnamon and i got back the random logouts, even when using the fix you mention…any ideas on how to fix this?


    • scholarsgate says:

      Unfortunately I’ve not installed Mint 12 so haven’t experienced the problem. I have installed Mint 13 and the problem doesn’t seem to occur at all.

      • Pedro N. Neves says:

        Ok, thanks nevertheless.
        I’ve now changed the delay from 3 to 5s (as is suggested in the original link with the fix)…seems to be fine for now…maybe its a question of the delay introduced being enough (or not) to avoid the data race (just a theory! :P).


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