Bluetooth Unlock for Android.

Bluetooth Unlock User Guide

Here you can find a explanation of the preferences available in Bluetooth Unlock.

“Contact the developer”
Enables you to contact me if you want to ask a question.

“Review this app”
Takes you to the listing on Google Play so that you can rate it.

“Enable Bluetooth Unlock”
When ticked, the Bluetooth Unlock will respond to Bluetooth connection/disconnection events.

“Allowed list”
Provides a list of paired Bluetooth devices for you to select. When a Bluetooth device is selected then Bluetooth Unlock will respond to Bluetooth connection/disconnection events.

“Screen timeout”
This defines the minimum number of seconds that Bluetooth Unlock will keep your screen on after which time the screen will go off but your Android device should remain unlocked.

“Start Application”
When ticked Bluetooth Unlock will start an application of your choice. e.g. the dailer.

“Application to start”
Provides a list of installed applications that can be started, select one to start when your Android device unlocks. This will not close the started application when your Android device locks.

“Unlock timeout”
This defines the maximum number of minutes that Bluetooth Unlock will keep your Android device unlocked after this time your Android device will lock regardless of whether you have a Bluetooth device connected or not.

“Manual lock”
When ticked this creates a notification in the status bar that can be used to lock your Android device. This will disable the automatic lock on disconnection of a Bluetooth device allowing you to lock the phone manually by touching the notification.

This switches on the debugging mode. A file will be created on your external storage with extra information to help diagnose problems.

“Send debug file”
Enables you to contact me by email with the attached debug file.


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